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Thursday, September 29

Judith Miller released from jail, Cheney's chief of staff I. Lewis Libby implicated. Expect indictments soon.

Judge orders Abu Ghraib photos released. Call's Pentagon's argument for concealing them bullshit.

On Friday, the Colorado PBS show Colo. State of Mind will discuss Camp Casey Colorado Springs. (7:30pm)

When I was there this weekend, I was appalled at how many people (many in uniform) flipped the bird as they passed the Memorial to the fallen soldiers. Most had "Support Our Troops" ribbons on their vehicles, yet this is the way they show their disrespect for them.

Only in Bush's "Merika."

The end of justice. John Roberts has been confirmed as Chief Justice.

Lest we forget, this is the man who will likely oversee the eventual appeals of convictions of Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, and Karl Rove.

Silly Dreier, didn't think the Republican Corruption Party would hold his sexuality against him. Will gay Republicans ever learn?

Roy Blunt, picked as DeLay's temporary replacement instead of Dreier, is linked to one of the people indicted with DeLay. Is there no one left in the criminal Republican Party who isn't utterly corrupt?

This is the true face of the racist GOP: Bill Bennet, who wrote the book Moral Compass, and was later busted for having a multi-million dollar gambling addiction, said on his radio show yesterday that the way to reduce crime in this country is to abort all African-American babies.

Republican leadership hangs self on rope made of hubris. The line everybody associates with Richard Nixon is, "I am not a crook!" Perhaps the line we will remember Bill Frist by is, "I am not Martha Stewart!" -- and I dare say, he isn't. She only made a few thousand dollars with of her insider trading. Frist reportedly made tens of millions. Not exactly subtle.

Governor George Ryan (R-IL) goes on trial today. When will the sheeple wake up and see that corruption is the only item on the GOP agenda?

Will the last Republican to be sent to prison please turn out the lights?

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