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Thursday, October 6

For a long time, the administration's mantra has been "We're fighting terrorism in Iraq, so we don't have to fight them here." Since nobody was buying that line anymore, Bush on Thursday turned it inside-out and made a speech based on "We have to fight in Iraq because we're fighting them here," and pointed out 10 instances of terror attacks they have prevented, here. Instead of a powerpoint presentation, he had Republican Mayor Blumberg of NYC announce a threat to the city's subway system to punctuate his speech. Yawn, like anything these people say is in anyway credible, they couldn't tell the truth if their entire political careers depended on it. If they ever find a need to actually tell the truth, nobody is going to believe them.

BREAKING NEWS: Pycho-President
Bush admits he hears voices
, which tell him to kill people.

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