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Friday, September 16

John Ellis Bush, the son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. That may not sound like much, but in GOP circles, them's presidential qualities!

Lights go on in New Orleans, but only for Bush.

If you missed Justin Raimondo's lecture at Colorado College last night, you can get the jist of it here.

He clashed a bit with the students, many of whom had the attitude that everything that's wrong with the world should be fixed by our military might. We'd probably kill more people in Darfur than the Janjaweed ever could. Christ, we didn't do any good by the Iraqis, and we couldn't even save New Orleans.

But that's typical of the over-priviledged class that make up most of CC's students. Everything should just be done for them.

Try to get them involved in an anti-war rally (and btw, Justin, we have had a few here...), and they are always too busy, can't miss that hot party at so-and-so's, etc.

Gone are the days of Vietnam, when kids thought they could fix the government. Now they want government to fix the world.

Yesterday "Camp Casey, Colorado Springs" started, and will last for 10 days. Part of the group went down to Palmer High School, and handed out "opt out" forms, to help the kids get their named from the Pentagon's recruitment lists.

Although it was the same information provided in the school district's website, the tv crew that covered it apparently (I forgot to set my tivo, but someone else told me) presented it as though they were practically committing treason, like it's the goal of the left to make sure America loses to the terrorists.

If anything is endangering the War on Terror (and safety here at home), it's Bush's War on Iraq, the only purpose of which seems to be to create an Islamic theocracy identical to Iran.

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