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Thursday, September 22

Ahnold. What a sissy.

Military plans for Sept. 24?

Allawi steals $1B, blames Iran.

Bush says child sex-slaves are ok, for Saudi Arabia.

Pope who led the Inquisition, to begin inquisition of gays.

Gallup poll: 2 out of 3 want the troops to come home, now. Fuck Halliburton.

Tom DeLay says highway pork is his, and the Katrina victims can't have it!

What's more nervous than a sheep in Wyoming? Republicans who know Jack Abramoff.

Will the RepubliCons use eminent domain to effect ethnic cleansing in the rebuilding of New Orleans?

Un-fricken-believable. Bush tries to link Katrina to 9/11. Meanwhile, his poll numbers are falling like the twin towers.

Republican Senator Arlen Specter accuses Donald Rumsfeld of obstruction of Congress, in 9/11 coverup.

Taliban plans textbook to teach Bible in public schools.

Rita: Why does God hate America? Rita morphed from a Category 2 to a Category 5 hurricane in less than 14 hours yesterday, and still has until around midnight Friday to build up steam before slamming into the Galveston/Houston area. 1.3 million people have been ordered to evacuate. It is expected to be stronger than Katrina, and is already the third most intense hurricane ever recorded. Only three Cat5 storms have ever hit the US, which is why they call them "once in a century" hurricanes. This will be our second in less than a month. Still don't believe in "global warming" Mr. Bush?

Don't be surprised if you see $5/gal gas before the end of the weekend. Some 25% of the nation's refineries are in the path of the storm.

Man, Texas really is fucked. I guess God does have a sense of humor.

Privatize FEMA? While FEMA was saying they couldn't even get into New Orleans, Wal*Mart sent in 1,200 trucks with emergency supplies. Donated. Sure, Wal*Mart shoppers will pick up the tab with slightly higher prices, but who do you think will pay the $1B for the 200 trucks of ice FEMA sent to Maine?

Bush said his administration would operate like a business, but no business would staff critical positions with yes-men having zero qualifications. Businesses don't reward incompetence with "medals of freedom." From now on, FEMA would be better off picking up the phone and ordering their emergency relief supplies from Wal*Mart, rather than trying to do it themselves.

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