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Wednesday, September 21

Bolton & Rove, sittin' in a tree...?

9/11 coverup continues. Pentagon forbids testamony about "Able Danger."

Some call it insider trading. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist dumped his holdings in the family's hospital corporation two weeks before it announced bad earnings news that dropped stock prices 15%.

Camp Casey, Colorado Springs.

Schedule for Cindy Sheehan's Bring Them Home Now events in DC this weekend.

Bush appoints Katrina Coverup Czar.

In response to Katrina, FEMA sent some 200 trucks of ice, from the Gulf Coast, to Maine. This is what happens when you put a monkey in the White House.

Republicans oppose Bush's plan to pay for Katrina relief by increasing deficit. Of course, the subtext is that they realize it's now a lame-duck administration, and their only hope to win in '06 is to oppose him now, and pretend, somehow, that they weren't complicit in everything that has gone wrong in this GOP government. If they want to pay for the relief up front, the easiest way would be to recind Bush's tax-cuts for the wealthiest 1%. Instead, they will demand cuts to programs that help the poor, the very people hurt the most by Katrina. Republicans never change.

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