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Friday, September 23

Don't kill that mouse, he's your cousin! Scientist implant entire human chromosome in mice.

Could Senator Frist be the next Martha Stewart? SEC issues subpoena investigating his insider trading.

"Christian" school expels student for having two mommies.

"Don't ask, Don't tell" or they'll send you to die in Iraq. No messy gas chambers or crematoria!

Russ Feingold, who has been trumpeted as the "progressive hope" for the Dems in 2008, can say goodbye to that now that he's voted to approve John Roberts for Chief Justice. The Dems are so screwed.

Ah, those "family values" Republicans. Mayor of Oswego NY resigns, after being charged with paying for sex with minors.

Jewish terrorist Earl Krugel was sentenced to 20 years in prison Thursday for plotting to bomb the office of a US Congressman.

FEMA dropped the ball on housing some 200,000 Katrina refugees. It was their job to have it all planned out, but it turns out they didn't have any plan beyond ordering some trailers.

White cops in neighboring towns turned back at gunpoint black refugees trying to escape New Orleans.

Rita finishing off New Orleans, levees breached again. If this site goes down again (the server is in New Orleans), check the blog for updates.

A bus evacuating the elderly from Rita's path exploded on the interstate, killing at least 24.

Tens of thousands of evacuees may still be stuck in traffic when Rita makes landfall tonight. Ironically, many of them fled Houston, and are now directly in the hurricane's path, with no protection but their cars. Officials are blaming the 100-mile-long traffic jams on "too many" people evacuating, claiming that wasn't their intent. But just yesterday they were saying things like "anyone who isn't evacuating needs to write their Social Security number on their arm with an indelible marker, so we can identify their corpse."

Here are some Rita blog sites:
How fitting that the country most responsible for global warming should also be the hardest hit by its consequences.

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