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Friday, September 30

Why is Bush soft on crime?

What a girly-man, can't even stand up for what he knows is right.

A look at GOP post-Katrina/Rita priorities.

House of Mirrors. DeLay will still be running the show; his "stepping down" is just a smokescreen.

'New boss, same as the old boss.' Roy Blunt, who has replaced Tom DeLay as GOP leader in the House, is just as corrupt as DeLay, says CREW. No wonder they chose him.

Well, even a stopped watch is right twice a day. Yes, Ann, I think the GOP should be banned, and many of you sent to prison.

Federal Judge upholds lawsuit by two muslim men against FBI and John Ashcroft, over illegal detention and deportation. "This proposition, which suggests that, as a matter of law, constitutional and statutory rights must be suspended during times of crisis, is supported neither by statute nor the Constitution," he said. Ashcroft's lawyers had argued that laws written in peacetime didn't apply during "national emergencies."

Neocon to plead guilty to spying on the Pentagon for Israel.

Pentagon still has not reimbursed soldiers in Iraq who had to buy their own armor, a year after Congress ordered them to do so. This is how they "support our troops."

Pentagon persecutes "Able Danger" whistleblower. Is this Nazi America, yet?

Latest military recruiting ploy: Sign up with the National Guard, and get 3 free iTunes! I kid you not. I guess that shows how much they value your life...

Investigation into NOLA police looting. This is why the chief of police resigned.

One month after Katrina, vast majority of victims still have not received any help from FEMA, Republicans' culture of corruption to blame.

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