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Monday, October 3

Bush nominated Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice. She has never served as a judge before, which makes her perfect for this administration, which considers qualifications unnecessary for any job.

I understand his first pick for "non-judge Justice" was Ann Coulter, but his advisors reminded him that the nominee did have to be human.

Miers once told David Frum, of National Review, that Bush was the most brilliant man she had ever met. Oh Kaaaayyyy.

But she gave $2,000 to the Democratic Party in 1988, and $1,000 to Gore. I bet the wrong-wing Republicans might have a problem with that. Neocon Wm. Kristol is beside himself. He he he.

Dear Leader plans speech to try to prevent the remaining 1/3 of Americans who still support his Satanic war from jumping ship.

If Bush cares so much about "democracy," why doesn't he care about what's happening in Russia? Maybe because he and Putin share the same soul.

American Legion declares war on Americans who don't support their dirty little war on Iraq.

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