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Saturday, October 1

Did Hitler test an atomic bomb?

Back slowly away from the radioactive president.

These days there's nothing but Republican corruption, everywhere you look.

HUD Secretary proposes a "whiter" New Orleans.

Religious right attacks Bennett for suggesting eugenics would solve crime problem.

Rommel Dumbsfeld defends "progress" in Iraq. This is what progress looks like (110 dead in 2 days), to him. You have to be certifiably insane to have a position in the Bush/Cheney government.

Boeing appologizes for advertisement that showed V-22 Osprey attacking mosque. They claim it was "just a clerical error" that it was published. Yeah, I suppose they produced the ad with no intention of ever publishing it...

Weekend award: The Most Embarrassing White Guy on the Planet Award goes to Bill Bennett, for his racist suggestion that genocide of the black population would fix the crime problem in America. Then he tried to defend his comment by saying his wife (and by extension, him) had "saved more black babies than the entire Black Caucus." Oh, and some of his friends, er, well, employees have even been black!

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