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Friday, October 7

Poll: only 1 in 4 Americans think America is on the right track.

Why Miers nomination is enough to give anyone a headache. Remember when the government didn't think its first duty was to deceive We the People?

In a stunning policy reversal, FEMA will no longer just give out no-bid contracts for disaster relief to Cheney's cronies, but will now open them up to ALL major contributors to the Bush/Cheney'04 campaign.

Karl Rove is scared. He's volunteering to give more testimony to the grand jury investigating TreasonGate, to try and keep his sorry ass out of prison.

Tom DeLay, knowing his own testimony will convict him, tries to change his story.

Nobel Peace Prize given to man who stood up to Bush's lies about Iraqi "WMDs."

Larry Franklin pleaded guilty to spying on the Pentagon for Israel. In exchange for testifying against two AIPAC officials, the feds dropped 3 of the 6 felony counts against him.

Bread and wine is so passé, Alabama church now uses live goldfish to deliver salvation. Pet store that sold them the fish objects to their animal cruelty, in Jesus name. Maybe they'll start sacrificing kittens and puppies, next?

Hatemongers in Indiana drop proposed law to regulate who can/not become pregnant.

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