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Wednesday, October 5

Today's Quotes:

"The Republican Party and the Bush Administration are reeling, enmeshed in corruption and failure, and the ideology of the regressive right is in retreat. The iron is hot – now is the time to strike. Unfortunately, it appears that the congressional Democrats and the Democratic Party would prefer to throw cold water on the hot iron. What in the name of God and the US Constitution has neutered the Democrats?"
- Ernest Partridge

"The president has forfeited his right to be trusted as a custodian of the Constitution."
- Conservative George Will
Editor's Notes & Rants:

When Bush retires to Crawford for his annual Thanksgiving vacation, guess who's going to be waiting for him?

Republican terrorist Bill O'Reilly calls for assassination of Syrian president.

Compassionate Conservatism at it's finest: Congress seeks to cut food aid for poor. And watch them pass another tax-cut for the filthy rich, while they're at it. In Jesus name.

90% of Katrina/Rita relief money will go to white good-ol-boys unaffected by the hurricanes.

Republicans lock horns over torture ban in Defense Bill. Bush says if he can't torture whoever he wants he's going to veto the bill and go home.

Nazis at George Mason University attack anti-war veteran. This is not America, anymore.

Nazi Wal*Mart sics Secret Service on student over anti-Bush photo, done as a study on the Bill of Rights. In BushMerica, if you support the Constitution, you're considered a terrorist.

Your tax dollars at work. Republicans spend half a million dollars to paint a plane to look like a fish.

The Indiana Pregnancy Police plan to make it illegal for gays/lesbians or unmarried straights to use surrogate mothers.

Mystery virus kills 10 in Toronto, 40 more hospitalized.

Could Bush use bird flu outbreak to establish military dictatorship?

Will Bush's desertion from the National Guard come into focus during Miers confirmation hearings?

One of Miers first cases may be Oregon's physician assisted suicide law. In a totalitarian theocracy, only the government has a right to kill you.

Republicans see the writing on the wall, avoid running in '06 midterms. Back slowly away from the (R)adioactive Party.

Almost half of all Israelis favor ethnic cleansing.

Another false-flag terrorist apprehended?

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