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Thursday, November 17

expand/collapse Bush's Troubles Mount
As Republican Defections Increase
by Doug Thompson
A private poll recently commissioned by Republican leaders shows the GOP would lose control of both the House and Senate if midterm elections were held today and supports mounting evidence that the party must distance itself from President Bush if it wants to hold on to Congressional control in 2006.

GOP strategists who have seen the poll warn House and Senate leaders that Bush's numbers will continue to fall and there may be no way the party can avoid catastrophe as long as the President remains in office.

expand/collapse Calling For Truth & Dignity
by Floyd McKay
Who built the moral cesspool into which this nation has sunk with its secret prisons and secret prisoners, legalized torture, indefinite imprisonment without trial or counsel?

expand/collapse The Economy Gap
by Mary Pitt
The world over, the wealthy are reaping the profits of the labor of the poor while the working class sink more deeply into debt and desperation. While the powerful concentrate on the dangers of nuclear wars and a crashing world economy, they are neglecting to notice a much greater threat to their power and position. The unrest and growing desperation of the poor could cause a world-wide upheaval that would repeat history as demonstrated by the first American Revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy in France, the Communist takeover of Russia, and the South African rebellion which led to the changes in the political landscape there. Political changes are in the wind in every nation of the world as a more intelligent and better educated working class realize that a mere subsistence is not enough and they determine to gain their freedom and opportunities for a better life.

expand/collapse Animation: Hide & Go Secret
by Mark Fiore
The adventures of Knuckles the torturer.

expand/collapse Video: Documenting a Smear
from Think Progress
The Lying Administration's campain to smear the truth-tellers, and then cover it up.

expand/collapse Fun Video: Bushzilla
from Jay Leno
Japanese TV sees Bush in a different light.

This Date in History:

In 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn into his first and last term as governor of Cahli-phoney-ah.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is 71 today.

DNC Chair Howard Dean is 57.

Today's Quote:

"So much torture, bloodshed, deceit. You cannot make your young people practice torture twenty-four hours a day and not expect to pay a price for it."
- Jean Paul-Sartre

Editor's Notes & Rants:

Who'd a thunkit? Bob Woodward, part of a White House coverup. The credibility he earned in Watergate is now officially all used up.

Scooter's Libby's lawyers are proclaiming that the news that Stephen Hadley leaked Plame-Wilson's CIA identity to Bob Woodward (though a NY Times article today suggests the leaker was Cheney) somehow exonerates Libby from the charges of perjuring himself to FBI investigators about his own involvement, even though his own notes prove he lied to them. Yeah, he can try insulting the jury with that one.

The good news, of course, is that Hadley now implicates Condoleeza Rice, whom he worked for at the time of the leak.

Bad news: Jonah Goldberg, who the LA Times replaced Robert Scheer with in their goostep march to the extreme right, has his first column today. His message: So what if Bush lied us into an illegal and unwinnable war! It's not like he lied about a blow-job, or anything! We should posthumously impeach FDR, instead. Un-fricken-believable.

White House attacks the New York Times.

A federal judge ruled Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus in contempt of court for refusing to identify who told him the government was investigating Wen Ho Lee.

Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) calls for immediate pullout from Iraq.

Look out below! Bush's poll numbers continue to plummet into the abyss. Unfortunately, he's turned America into the abyss.

First, cities started selling off naming rights to sports stadiums, then some Republicans suggested they could sell off naming rights to Federal buildings, and even national parks. Now Clark, Texas has confirmed its $2 Whore image, changing it's name to DISH, TX, for EchoStar's DISH network. And I thought Truth or Consequences, NM was embarassing.

Government for sale. GOP mafia boss Jack Abramoff bribed almost 3 dozen congressmen, on just one project.

Dr. Evil sneaks immunity for pharmaceutical companies into new legislation.

Message to Sony: Burn in Hell!

Blessed Be the War Mongers?

On the anniversary of Nixon's "I am not a crook!" speech, Cheney outdoes him, declaring he didn't lie us into war!

Cheney also has declared that he's not bound by the same rules as everyone else. Must have something to do with having diplomatic immunity for being Satan's ambassador to Earth.

The New Iraq: An Equal Opportunity Torture State. Now aren't you glad we brought them "equality"?

I don't believe in Intelligent Design, I believe in Malevolent Design. You have this Eternal, Ominipotent being. All things are possible to it, and it can never die. So, what's the Diety do, but invent DEATH! Design a system where every being must die. Death as the very engine that keeps the entire system running. That's not Intelligent Design, that's Malevolent Design. If there is a Creator, it must be pure Evil.

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