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Tuesday, November 1

Reid called for a "secret session", effectively shutting down the Senate today. Frist immediately went on camera spitting venom, saying "this is absolutely unprecidented." Um, except the Republicans did it SIX times trying to impeach Clinton. Oh well, everyone knows a Republican couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Basically, the Repugs on the Senate Intelligence Committee have been giving the Dems the run-around for a year and a half, refusing to actually investigate the White House lies that led to the Iraq war. When they again claimed yesterday that it couldn't be discussed "because it contains classified information," Reid called their bluff and invoked Rule 21, allowing classified information to be discussed behind closed doors.

Finally, Democrats have an issue: Treason committed by the White House, and a conspiracy by Republicans on the Senate Intelligence committee to cover it up.

What's more Reid has shown that if it comes to "nuclear winter", he can do it without looking like an obstructionist, but rather casting suspiscion on the Republicans.

Let's hope he has the cajones to keep this up.

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